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A day in the life of a Perspirex user

Meet Line, a Danish nurse and Perspirex user. In her line of work, it is important to have impeccable hygiene. With Perspirex, Line no longer has to worry about whether her antiperspirant will hold up during the day. 

Testimonials from Perspirex users

"I have been using Perspiex for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that you have completely changed my life. I used to suffer from excessive wetness under my arms, perspirex has helped me feel so much more confident and had completely stopped my excess sweating. Thank you and I hope this review helps others to choose this product as a life changing product! " Neil ferguson, Belfast


"Brilliant product! for some reason I had started to sweat more, no matter how much I washed and put anti perspirant on, I still sweated and had a bad odour. WOW the difference this has made! I tried Driclor years ago...but that was very stingy, this is way moe skin friendly." Louise, Staffs


"Wow! This has literally changed my life! From being so careful about the clothes I wear and never taking of my coat incase of showing embarressing sweat patches to wearing whatever I want to and being able to wear sleeveless tops without the worry of unattractive drips running down from my armpits and no odour!!! Amazing will use this for the rest of my life totally recommend it to everyone out there who cannot find a deoderant that matches their needs... This will work for you! Thankyou for inventing this amazing product I love you guys!" Nadine, Surrey


"I cannot recommend this enough! It's been a life saver! My only regret is that I did not come across this sooner! I was suffering terribly and since using your product my confidence has grown so much! Cannot complain about the price for the effects it has, it is amazing!:-)" Rebecca , Ipswich


"Love it! :) perspirex is amazing! Have recommended to friends as what a difference it makes to your day to day life! No more feeling uncomfortable from excessive sweating! Thanks perspirex! :) " Michelle Lamont , Norh Ayrshire


"I've been suffering with excessive underarm sweat since the beginning of highschool. My doctor recommended Perspirex and I have never looked back! An amazing product that works from day one!" Sophia, Shrewsbury "I no longer have to wear many layers to hide sweat stains! Grey t-shirts, come at me." Izzy, Wakefield


"Perspirex is amazing. I've suffered from sweat patches and BO for years - often I would wash and change during the working day to keep myself comfortable. After using Perspirex twice a week my sweating has reduced to almost nothing. I am not damp and there is no odour. It has given me my confidence and comfort back. I cannot recommend the product highly enough - just be sure to apply to clean, dry and unshaven arm pits. " Nicola, Manchester


"Your product has changed my life. I'm in my 50s and have had a terrible sweat problem since adolescence. Now it is over. Thank you so much. No other anti-perspirant has worked for me in the way that yours does." Martin Elliott, Kent


"Never thought I'd find a deodorant that worked. Was almost certain that I'd always have huge sweat patches! Tried everything, even the 72hr ones. Still sweat. Not the type to usually bother writing a review and thought that the other reviews would be the company etc. How I was wrong! Actually amazing, not a drop even in the hottest situations! Would recommend any day to those others out there suffering from huge underarm sweat patches like I DID! Don't know how it works but amazing.." Ross, Cheshire


"This is the best product ever for stoping sweating under your arms and or smell. It was 39 degrees with the humidex today and not a drop I had!!!! I've bought everything and this is the only product that actually works. Even as a baby I sweated profusely but not anymore thanks to Perspirex. I have nothing negative to say, it's such a relief to not worry about that anymore. Thank you so much!!!! A customer forever. " Christina , Canada


"wow!!i never thouht to find any thing that would work for my sweat. thank you perspirex it works will reffer to any man that strugle with seat." SIMON, Gauteng centurion "AMAZING!!! I had suffered with excessive sweating for years, I tried many other products on the market that promised to keep me dry and not one of them worked. Finding Perspirex has changed my life! I cannot give this product enough praise, highly recommend :)" Anne, Kildare


"Actually Amazing, i just love it!!! Im now sweat free forever x" Amy Huggins, Reading "Absolutely fantastic product i was always out buying different brands and none worked.. found this in boots and after a week i am amazed by how well it has worked. I use it every 3 nights before bed and it has stopped the excess sweating completely. I would defo reccomend this product to anyone. " rach, Warrington


"I never felt like a normal teenager until I used this. Persperex has stopped my excessive sweating and has boosted my confidence completely! I am able to wear fitted clothes without being embarrassed. This is by far the most amazing thing I have come across. I searched for years to find something to stop my sweating and was always too embarrassed to visit a doctor but this product has never made me so happy. I will continue to buy this for years to come. Thank you!" Ashlee, Canada


"WOW this is amazing, I have been suffering from a embarrassing amount of sweat but now I dot sweat at all, this is the best thing to happen to deodorant EVER! " Liam Wright, Hertfordshire


"Been using perspirex for 4 years now and have never looked back. Absolute essential product in my life, as long as you guys make it i'll continue to buy it! It has done wonders for my self esteem, thankyou so much! " Jack, Bristol


"Thank you perspirex, great product. I had bad sweats in high school and I am in my early 20 before my sister got me the deodorant I had bad sweating episodes. Now my clothes smell fresh and clean as they should after a wash no sweat stains or smells from armpits. Great great great " Michelle, Leicester


"I have always had wet patches as soon as I get ready , tried every deodorant out , last resort was perspirex it has kept me dry for 4 days now , I'm really amazed and very happy " Donna, Manchester


"Yeah, i'm so grateful that i found this product while searching for deodorant at guardian. even though the price is quite expensive, but i still eager to have it. then after 1 day application, i found it effective. My armpit doesn't sweat anymore and my confidence level is increasing now =)" Charles, Malaysia


"WOW. I've been suffering from excess sweating and sweat stains for 5 years now. As a high school student and a dancer, it's been horribly embarrassing. I brought Perspirex yesterday, put it on last night and have noticed a huge improvement! I didn't wear a top that shown sweat stains but my underarms are so dry. thank you Perspirex!!!" Lucy, Peterborough


"Thank you so much Perspirex! I used to be very self conscious of sweat patches (especially as I'm a high school student!) and I seemed to sweat a lot more than other people. Since finding this product a little less than a year ago, I no longer have to feel self conscious as I hardly sweat at all! I would recommend it to anyone:)" Ellen, Lancashire


"Being only 15 and having trouble with sweat really knocked my confidence back, I wouldn't take my school blazer off in case I had marks from sweat, I wouldn't even change in the changing rooms when they were full. Then we found perspirex and it was only one that worked for me, I just wish I found it earlier, I'm now back to my normal self. Thank you!" Leah Cooper, Walsall


"I had always sweated under my arms but ever since I spent 21 dollars for perspirex, I have not sweated since (only under high stressed situations)This is an awesome life saver! " Rosaline , Alberta


"Before using perspirex I always suffered with underarm sweating. I would never wear coloured tops, only ever white or black. And would always make sure I had a jacket or hoody with me just incase. It was very embarrassing so I was always very self conscious about it. But now I feel so much more confident. It's great. I still find myself checking to make sure because of how long I have had the problem. But now I'm sure I will get used to long lasting, 100% protection from perspirex and be able to finally have confidence when I go out. Thank you so much :). " Tom, North wales


"My mate Chris recommended this to me after I wore my fave grey t-shirt to the club and all the girls wouldn't go near me with the massive sweat patches I had. It really knocked my confidence, I felt like I couldn't go out or lift my arms up at all. When I heard about perspirex then tried it......wow! It has changed my life. I'm now married with a pretty good job and can wear any grey t-shirt I like, which is what my wife says is my best colour ;) thanks perspirex!!!!!" Mark Gaston, Bangor