How to apply Perspirex


In this video, Dermatologist Annesofie Faurschou explains how to apply Perspirex correctly to obtain the ideal effect and minimise any, potential skin irritation.



How to use

1. Apply to dry and unbroken skin

It is very important that your skin is completely dry and unbroken before application.

2. Apply at night

Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed as the sweat glands are less active at night. When you start, use Perspirex every night, until you have achieved the desired effect - usually within 1 week. Allow Perspirex to dry fully after application.

3. Wash off in the morning

Wash off in the morning with soap and water. Do not re-apply as the effect will last even after a shower. Should you wish to, you can also apply a regular scented deodorant or perfume. This will not affect the efficacy.

How Perspirex works

With over 30 years of expertise in sweat protection, Perspirex antiperspirants are rigorously tested and have been clinically proven to provide long-lasting protection against sweat and odour for 3-5 days.

1) Apply Perspirex

Perspirex works so effectively thanks to its patented alcohol-based, aluminium chloride formula. The active skin care system ensures a minimum of irritation on the skin.

2) Perspirex reacts

The formula reacts with the water in your sweat duct and forms a temporary gel-plug

3) Perspirex works

The gel-plug prevents the sweat from reaching the surface of the skin and thereby avoid unpleasant sweat leaving a dry skin feel. The active skin care system gives good comfort on the skin and reduces the skin irritation commonly associated with other high-performance antiperspirants.

4) Perspirex is dispelled

The gel-plug is dispelled over the course of a few days - normally 3-5 days - with the natural shedding of dead skin cells