Perspirex Antiperspirants

Life changing protection for

millions of people worldwide

Perspirex is a range of a high performance antiperspirants specifically formulated for those

who need extra protection against sweating and body odour.

Clinically proven to provide strong and long-lasting protection.

Happy Portrait
Happy Portrait
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T.S. from Adelaide

I suffer from excessive sweat. I've searched the internet and  after reading lots of testimonials I've decided to give Perspirex a go. Finally I found  the best product for armpits. it really works. I've made my friends to try it too and they all love it. I am so happy to find Perspirex


J.C. from Melbourne

I am completely satisfied with my new Perspirex.

 I do a lot of travelling overseas and in planes it eliminates any perspiration and odour , also allows me to get extra wear out of my clothes. Very happy, definitely will be ordering more.


M.W. from Brisbane

I recently bought Perspirex. It's fantastic and I no longer have any odour or sweat.

Highly recommend it to anyone. It's the answer

I have been waiting for for over 20 years


Perspirex Antiperspirant Australia